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Monday, December 24, 2007

Eve Wishes

I think it's actually not politically correct to say 'Merry Christmas' anymore. Well, I'm not actually Christian, but this is the festival season, whether you call it Chanukah, Solstice, Christmas, or even Hajj or Eid for that matter. Let's face it, it's a dark time of year and whatever your belief's it's a good time to celebrate. Annie and Obadiah were resignedly willing to bow to the 'decorate everything' nature of the season and did so with canine grace. Well, did I mention resignation? (They got a treat after they got done wearing those silly bow ties and doing that sit-stay). That's my 'Christmas orange' behind them with ripe oranges and blossoms that are nearly making me dizzy with their fragrance. I love it that my big potted citrus trees (lime, meyer lemon, valencia orange) all bloom this time of year.

The Anna's hummingbird was really annoyed with me when I filled the feeder this afternoon. She (he?) perched on a twig close enough to threaten my left eye with that VERY sharp bill and chirred displeasure. I gently reminded my little friend that Mexico is a long way away and not much is blooming and if I don't refill the feeder, what then? Ms or Mr Anna's wasn't buying that line of malarky and buzzed me as I retreated to the house. It's either the Anna's or the nuthatch who give me grief when I'm out there. The chickadees simply keep eating, never mind that I'm dumping seed into the feeder at the same time. They're pragmatists.

Well, I'm going pour myself a bit of Irish and work on the current story. Enjoy the evening, the days are getting longer, and Merry Christmas.


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