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Friday, January 09, 2009

Beneficence and Wings

Well, the weather gods, after punishing us for a solid month decided to give us a breather. Sun. Wow. The pasture, protected by snow, survived the cold and is actually growing. My sheep are dissing the very nice grass hay I give them, and my Cheviot cross ewe, the one I never saw get bred, is giving me 'any day' signals. So the lambing pen is ready. Spring. Maybe I'll plant my peas. I do that this time of year. With a puppy. Oh...yeah... that's right. She'll LOVE it.

George came through open heart surgery just fine. I visited less than 48 hours after. His nurses do NOT love him. He feels fine. Why can't he just get up and use the toilet when he needs to? I suggested that their 'we'll find you on the floor' threats were probably valid. When that man hits his call light, the nurses show up quickly. As I said, they do not love him. But I cheered him up today. After getting grounded by either an unplowed runway or pouring rain or gale force winds or all three, I finally made it back into the air today. Perfect day. No wind, lots of visibility. Gee, I may not have mentioned that I'm a student pilot at the moment? George's doing. He got tired of my 'I always wanted...' riff and bought me a first couple of hours, knowing full well, sneaky guy, that I'd be hooked. (He just wants someone to talk flying with). Well, he got his pilot's certificate a month before I was born. And still flies...and will, after this. So now he has someone to talk flying with.

So anyway, everything came together today. Everything. All the stuff I've been working at...altitude, airspeed, banks, stalls, final approach, roundout, flare, landing... Everything stopped being 'stuff to work at' and just became 'doing'. Even the power on stalls, where the little Cessna 152 that I fly wants to corkscrew into a righthand spin, worked just fine. What a good feeling. I love it up there.

And George's barn is dry, the drain I dug is working. And I have the sheep barn clean and the lambing pen ready. And it's time to plant peas. Okay. I declare it spring.


Blogger GSKearney said...

Well, I'm happy for you, but meanwhile it snowed last night and got bitterly cold here in the middle of the midwest. I have to go out tonight and help my friend Hannah celebrate her birthday, or I'd be reclining in the rocker with a hot chocolate and schnapps letting football put me to sleep.

I always worry too much to enjoy the good stuff when it happens, but on the other hand when it's bad I always worry that it can get worse. Right now I'm happy as a worried clam can be.

Have a happy. Your stories have picked up more than a day or two for me. ---gk

7:06 AM  
Blogger GSKearney said...

Sheesh, Happy Valley lives up to its name! Chambers of Commerce all over the world will take notice. ---gk

7:08 AM  
Blogger Jean said...

Not spring here though it felt like it the last couple days....up to 78 yesterday. Tomorrow, we'll be down in the mid 20's and the day after, the mid 30's with rain. Icky!!!

Glad the barn is dry:-)

8:20 AM  
Blogger yeff said...

"Everything stopped being 'stuff to work at' and just became 'doing'"

There's a writing analogy in there, when all the effort on 'stuff to work at' pays off and you get into the moment of "flow".

But now, it's still 'stuff to work at'! One day...

- yeff

4:51 PM  
Blogger Mary Rosenblum said...

You know what, Yeff? Flying reminds me of writing in a lot of ways. You end up soaring but it's a LOT of work and a lot of knowledge to get there.

6:56 PM  

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