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Monday, April 25, 2005

Waiting For the Aha Moment

One of the things I've learned over the years...the hard way, mostly...is to trust my hindbrain. When it tells me that a story really isn't done yet...it's usually right. I wrote a near future SF novelette, set in my 'information universe', the same one that Search Engine, (to appear in Analog) is set in. And it has been sitting on my hard drive since December. Bugging me. Really bugging me. Because I know it's not there yet and darned if I could figure out why.

I just have to wait while my right brain sorts things out. And I think I've figured out the reason it's not working...to much setting info and not enough plot...now I just need to wait for the 'aha' moment when I figure out just HOW to up the plot factor. I need something...still not sure just what it is, but I have this pressing feeling that I'm about to think of it....sort of like it's at the back of my brain, trying to squeeze into the consciousness.

So hey, for those of you who think that you can't write a story unless the muse pours it ready-to-fly into your head, think again! For example, I just got an invite from a YA fantasy anthology. That one is going to be crafted from whole cloth. I need this type of story, now I'll sit down and find a good story idea that fits. :-) I have never been one to sit on my hands and wait until I get presented with stuff.

Well, I'll let you know when I have my 'aha' moment for that plot device.


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