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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Game's Afoot

I have survived the Virus From Hell and the manuscript of Eternity Shift has arrived with editor David Hartwell's comments on it and his revision notes. I need to have the revion finished in early August...the sooner the better. So now I stand on the edge of the pool, knowing that once I'm in, wet and swimming, I'll love it. But there's that cold water when you first jump in...

I'm pleased with Hartwell's comments. I produce the strongest work when I have good input...I can't see everything and inspiration lies in someone else's perspective.

I think I'll keep a diary of the revision process. Revision is where I do the most work, tweaking, bending, making everything work. And it's an all-or-nothing state of mind for me, almost an altered consciousness. I've been wrapping up one last SF story because once I get started, I won't have any room for any other creative venture in my brain. I find I have to 'hold the picture' of the entire story in my head until I am done. Not on the first draft, but on revision. Everything else takes a back seat.

And it has already started. Woke up as the birds first tuned up this AM...about five...with a right brain revelation of how to make something work. Grabbed the notebook and pen that lives in the drawer by the bed. Annoyed the dogs who said it was WAY too early to be up. I think I'll crack the ms and sit down with it on Tuesday...I have dog shows on the weekend, and I want my birthday off. Once I start this there ARE no more days off until it's done.

So I'll go out and weed now and see if my right brain can work on another of the things I need to fix while I'm busy with dirt. :-)


Blogger netkahun said...

Read "Search Engine" the other day. Very cute, a nice update on ShockWave Rider, but now probably more close to reality than sci-fi.

Ever read "Break, Memory" from Richard Thieme? It's here:

Scavenging Ray

4:32 PM  
Blogger Mary Rosenblum said...

Hi, Ray, glad you liked Search Engine. Yes, it's quite close to reality...very near future. Intentionally so. Heads up, people!

And thanks for the URL of Thieme's cool piece. Information overload, among other things, has been a topic among SF writers for some time. I think we're seeing its effects in today's world politics, to be honest.


11:04 AM  

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