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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hide and Seek

Oregon winter seems to have settled in...writing weather. I have been checking on a friend's acreage at the foot of Powell Butte. Played a trick on my dogs tonight in the name of research. I'm pitching a mystery series based on my 'tracking dog' stories in Ellery Queen, wanted to watch dogs search. So while my three were playing tug of war with a fallen alder trunk (no kidding), I sneaked off up into the timber. When they missed me they started looking. They didn't cross my track (I was sneaky and laid it where we don't usually go) so I got to watch them for a half hour as they ran every single footstep I had laid down in the last few days and then quartered the property, looking for recent scent. The wind was on my side, so they couldn't air scent me. When I finally whistled they made me pay for my perfidy...got an ENTHUSIASTIC 'you were lost' greeting. Muddy!!! Of course it had started pouring right after I hid so we were all soaked, but it was fun research.

Now I can translate it into the scene.


Blogger Planet Heidi said...

Interesting. I often play hide and seek with my cat, but the dog (Cocker Spaniel) is old and deaf so she's not so good at finding. Maybe I can write a mystery series about an old dog who lets the owner do all the hard work.


9:52 AM  
Blogger Christopher Barzak said...

Hey Mary, just found your blog now that Matt Cheney linked the rest of the world to you. Glad you had a good World Fantasy, and the dog/tracking mysteries sound great. Hope the pitch works out in your (and everyone else's favor).


6:23 PM  
Blogger Charleen said...

Mary was certain once I found your nlog it would be packed but alas it seems neglected. You must be busy with the writing, the dogs and the school. Pease blog some more from your interesting life.

6:26 PM  

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