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Friday, January 16, 2009

New Start

Well, after the snow and drama of the turn of the year, things are looking much more sunny. George got out of the hospital Tuesday and his niece is staying with him at the house. The horse routines have settled in. Clean stalls and put them out to pasture if it's nice in the AM. Bring them in at night. Cricketthepuppy plays wildly with Rockythefat, George's overweight mini-aussie. Annie is happy to let Cricketthepuppy chew on Rocky (who has a nice thick coat to protect him) and only steps in to smack Rocky once in awhile when he gets too rough. Annie can beat up the puppy. It's her puppy. He can't.

George is looking good and doing WAY more than most people do a week or so after open heart surgery. Keeping him away from cleaning the stalls is gonna be a challenge. Meanwhile, I've managed to get airborne in spite of the river of rough wind spilling down the Gorge. I've got to get a little more precise with my roundout and flare on landing and then I think my instructor is going to solo me. I'm just about there. That will be cool. Very.

I think I'll try to plant peas this next week. My weather sense tells me that serious winter is over, even if we get the brief deep freeze. Of course, planting anything with a puppy is SO fun. As I said, I'll try.


Blogger Jean said...

Glad George is home and doing well.

Let us know when you solo so we can have a party in the chat room. I'll even bring a real nice veggie tray for you.

8:58 AM  

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