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Writing is such an internal process. Why not make those private ruminations public? This is how stories take shape and grow.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yesterday's Shadows?

I'm looking forward to a new and interesting bit of exploration this week. A friend of mine put me in touch with a woman researching past life regression who was looking for volunteers. I happily offered my services. I'm really looking forward to our session on Tuesday. I've never been hypnotized before, so that alone will be interesting. According to her, the people she has worked with have recalled very precise detials. I'm highly curious to see what I end up with. I will keep you all posted here. I'm walking into this with an open mind, so we shall see.


Blogger GSKearney said...

Sounds really cool. I know I told you that I was a coyote in one of my previous lives, but I'm afraid to go to a regressionist. What if I was Attila the Hun? Torquemada? What if I was an attack ant?
Seriously, I don't think I'd believe it if they found I was someone famous, but it would certainly be something to talk about; and regardless of the truth, I think it does put you in touch with a hidden part of your personality. --gk

7:57 AM  

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