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Writing is such an internal process. Why not make those private ruminations public? This is how stories take shape and grow.

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I've been supporting myself as a writer for many years and am watching the changes in the publishing world with fascination. For me, sharing the craft, teaching, is as creatively satisfying as the writing process itself.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Star Ship Sofa and Clarion

Well, I have been very quiet. Mostly because I've been reading 100,000 words of Clarion West mss before my week as instructor at that excellent workshop, and between that and making about a 1/2 ton of hay by hand to keep my sheep fed for a week, there hasn't been a lot of energy left over. Except for selling a new story Lion's Walk to Asimov's. But I'm back with writing news instead of garden news or an environmental rant this time. Starshipsofa a VERY cool audio ezine, is posting a reading of RainMaker, one of my drylands stories from the past. They'll have a live discussion on July 2 and then the story, read by a professional, not by stumbling me, will be up on the site on July 5.

If you have a few minutes, drop in on the discussion or hear Rain Maker read aloud. And do check out Starshipsofa. The 'zine of the future. :-)



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