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Writing is such an internal process. Why not make those private ruminations public? This is how stories take shape and grow.

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I've been supporting myself as a writer for many years and am watching the changes in the publishing world with fascination. For me, sharing the craft, teaching, is as creatively satisfying as the writing process itself.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Norwescon Fun

Hello from Norwescon, taking a breather before I'm off to meet up with the Bears at the Daw party. Been a great con. My panels have been a lot of fun so far. The highlight was the Human Evolution panel. I came at it from the biosciences, Forrest Bishop came it from the nanotechnology side, we met in the middle and took off! It was a great panel and I need to continue our conversation later!

David Hartwell, my editor at Tor was here, and actually had a copy of the bound galleys so that was a nice addition to the cover.

Still have a busy day tomorrow with writers workshop and 'sanitizing space travel' panel. We did a nice job with space hotels today. ;-)



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