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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Carbon Neutral Grumble

Well, as usual, my good intentions to do this regularly failed me. :-) No surprise I've never managed to keep a diary. Any future biographers will simply have to make everything up...which will be much more fun anyway. I always used to make things up when we had to write that obligatory What I Did on My Summer Vacation essay. Used to make my teachers mad in grade school. I'm not sure why. I never was very good at following directions. That's probably how I ended up a fiction writer.

I'm doing avoidance behavior right now. I have to go back into chapter seven of the 'Europa' novel and write a 'hard scene' as Scott Card would call it. Sigh.

Well, what really set me off (besides guilt at not posting here regularly, which I can usually manage quite well as you all realize by now) was a bit on NPR right now about some real estate agent who has set up a way to permit him and all his neighbors to buy 'carbon credits' and live a 'carbon neutral life' in their McMansions, driving their SUVs. I'm sorry, that really bothers me. The idea that we, with our wealth, can 'buy' our way to the reduction of global warming is scary. What a great excuse to do nothing. And where do those carbon credits come from? NOT building a coal powered power plant in China? How realistic is that? Hey, third world, you can't have cars and electric air conditioners and computers. All those power plants are bad for the environment. You stick to your ways and we'll pay you to do so. Ha. HA.

DON'T buy 'carbon neutral' shares, darn it. Turn off a few lights. Use the new energy efficient light bulbs. Turn down the darn thermostate and put on a sweater (Yes, I am wearing one.) For pete's sake don't buy another gas guzzler and vote to at least use biodiesel in the public transport in your town.

Okay, Avoidance Behavior is over. Off to write the hard scene.


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