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Friday, October 06, 2006

Shine On Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon shines tonight...the full moon closest to the fall equinox. And this year, because the moon is a perigee, and is closest to the earth in its orbit. So if it's not raining in YOUR neck of the woods, go look.

Certainly, the sheep are taking full advantage of the late night floodlight. Not sure I could call it harvest, but when I introduced Bruce, the St. Croix ram into the flock a day or so ago, he has certainly been working toward next year's lamb crop. Poor guy. St. Croix are tall and white -- hair sheep, not woolies -- with a huge white lion's mane and a short, dense coat. He looked at my two big woolly black-faced Suffolk ewes and his puzzlement was clear. What ARE they? They smell like sheep but...

Then he got a sniff of the other end and realized they were coming into heat. Black faces? Wool? Who cares? It's fall.

Sex. The great equalizer of all mere cosmetic appearances...


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