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Writing is such an internal process. Why not make those private ruminations public? This is how stories take shape and grow.

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I've been supporting myself as a writer for many years and am watching the changes in the publishing world with fascination. For me, sharing the craft, teaching, is as creatively satisfying as the writing process itself.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wonder Net

Oh, I've got a book recommendation for you. Me, I'm the world's least tolerant reader...blame my writing. The moment I think 'I know what you're doing here, I see the wires...' I'm outa there. But I read Giraffe by J. M. Ledgard from cover to cover and I highly recommend it. A literary mainstream book based on real events in Czechoslovakia in 1975, Ledgard follows the slow unwinding of events through several point of view characters. Each character has his or her interaction with some part of those events, drawing slowly together at the climax. The narrative is excellent and some themes and turns of phrase...'the communist moment'...bind the various point of view perceptions into a very solid whole. It is a lovely example of several different 'takes' on the same events, and beautifully done. I recommend it.



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