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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New BBs for DJ

I was doing my Tuesday Forum for Long Ridge, doing an 'idea workshop' and keeping one eye on my pasture. Sure enough, we added two more lambs to the flock during my 90 minute 'Oregon hour' forum. :-) Finally. This ewe has had her legs crossed since Sunday, when I was sure she'd drop 'em any second! It was an overdue labor, too. The amniotic fluids were stained with meconium (the material in the fetal intestinal system...think packing material) and that means it should have happened sooner. But the lambs are strong and healthy and happy with Mom. Two little wooly boys with speckled ears and faces. I' m getting such an interesting mix of hair and wool phenotype, colors and patterns. Wow, I sure have rolled some genetic dice by introducing this hair sheep ram into my suffolk and suffolk/shetland flock!

Genetics in action!

Very cute action!


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