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Monday, May 29, 2006

WisCon Report

Just got back from WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin, land of cheese curds (Tillamook's are better and mine are better yet.) My first time there and it was a GREAT con. Didn't hurt that it was the 30th anniversary and they invited every guest of honor they'd ever had as a guest. So I got to see people I don't usually see. Even Ursula was there. MUCH fun and a great time was had by all. Gender is the central theme at WisCon, home of the Tiptree Award. Geoff Ryman won it for Air...I haven't read it yet, but it's on my list. Geoff is a sweet person and I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the award.

It's a lovely con, very reader/writer oriented, relaxed, lots of time to visit and Madison offers great restaurants and interesting shops and lakes to sit by within walking distance. I'm going back. Doesn't hurt that my son, Nate, is there as a grad student. :-) He has a great bunch of friends so I spent two evenings hanging with them and eating great grilled stuff. Is this the Generation of Cooks?

Nice to return to a part of the country where it is NOT 80 degrees at 5 Am.... uh, I remember this type of humid, hot weather... Yeah, rain and all, I like the Pacific sea breezes. Now I'm off to the yard to mow down and pull up the four days of hyper-vigorous weeds and grass that took advantage of rain, warmth, and my absence!


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