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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lambs for Annie

I started 18 month old Annie herding sheep last week. Little high drive girl went out into the round pen and did an amazing job of really trying hard to figure out what Mom was up to here. While DJ was more Mr. Wild Man at first, she did a solid 'lay down' and was quick to move out when I said 'get out'. When I told her 'that'll do come' she was quick to let go and turn away from the sheep. We didn't work long...it was hot. But the sheep never got nervous. (I had three 'heavies' in there that are sort of like working with sofas on castors. Sofas that try to stay together and knock your feet out from under you). They decided right off that she was gonna mind me and not go right for their hamstrings. (They weren't so sure about DJ the first few times). I was really pleased with her. But I shouldn't be surprised. Her goal in life is to show DJ up in everything. :-) Marvelous as he is, she probably will, too. Well, I have a nice crop of lambs growing up for herding games later. Dunno if Annie will be ready for lambs this summer...I doubt it, good as she is. But DJ will have fun 'dog-training' em. :-) He's already had practice with BB's on a plank. I bet he can't wait, heheh.


Blogger Beryl said...


Thank you. I don't know if I enjoyed the pictures or your comments more...and, I LOVE the picture.

7:35 PM  
Blogger R Mendoza said...

Nice place.. beautiful picture and you are lucky;)

5:47 PM  
Blogger R Mendoza said...

nice picture, beautiful place and you are very lucky ;)

5:48 PM  

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