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Friday, January 05, 2007

Clone Burgers Anyone?

I had to roll my eyes at the FDA's official ruling that 'cloned meat is meat'. Duh. Considering that a clone is nothing more than an identical twin. The idea that cloning an animal might provide an economically feasible meat or milk animal is kind of silly. It is much cheaper to let Bully cover Bossie out in the pasture and eat the calf or drink her milk later on. It's not even likely that the genetic attributes of a prize bull would be worth enough to pay for cloning him when you can simply save a half million straws of his semen in liquid Nitrogen. Some of those syndicated bulls have thousands of offspring on the ground as it is.

However, I do wonder if this 'clones are safe meat' ruling is going to apply to cloned tissue cultures. I could see hamburger that comes not from those worn-out-at-two-years-old dairy cows but rather from a large vat growing a thick slab of beef muscle tissue. No feed issues, no manure to contaminate the watershed, no barn to build, no flies. Just grow it, grind it up, package it, and send it off to the supermarket. Gee, you could eliminate e Coli and mad cow disease with a few quick tests. Micky D of the future? Of the near future? Of the VERY near future?


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