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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And Ketchup is a Vegetable

More avoidance behavior, I admit it. Although the sticky scene is half unstuck, but it's hard slogging, okay? And besides, NPR set me off again this morning, this time with the report of the forthcoming Supreme Court case...you know the one, right? The one where 5 states are suing the US government for not reducing greenhouse gasses, claiming that our EPA policies mandate such and that they are suffering damage because of the effects? I gather that part of the issue is the question of whether CO2 is a pollutant or not. Shades of Regan and ketchup as a nutritious part of a school lunch...

Oh yes...apparently the auto industry is lining up solidly behind the US position that we can only deal with this issue on a global scale, that we just can't tackle it independently. Does anyone remember the name Kyoto? As in treaty? As in we walked away from that one, which would have mandated international reduction of greenhouse gasses.

You know, everyone can do one thing to reduce their carbon imprint. It may not seem like much, but multiply that tiny reduction in power used or gasoline burned by millions and it matters. I no longer use a power mower to mow my grass, and I only use my clothes dryer when it's raining. I use the energy efficient light bulbs and I keep lights off in rooms where I am not. I keep my house cool -- 60 degrees most of the time. (Colder in the morning!) I take light rail downtown when I have to go, although biking everywhere isn't really a safe option with our high speed rural roads with no shoulder. I'm not trying to be holier than thou here...what I am trying to do is list a few ways you CAN make that small difference without really altering your lifestyle dramatically. Remember...multiply that by millions.

Okay, back to the sticky scene. Maybe I'll leave the radio turned off for awhile.


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