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I've been supporting myself as a writer for many years and am watching the changes in the publishing world with fascination. For me, sharing the craft, teaching, is as creatively satisfying as the writing process itself.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Blindsided by that speeding urband fantasy

Well here I am a good two months after my last post. So much for good intentions to be regular and chatty herein. I never could keep up a diary either, oh well. I do have publishing news at least... Can I placate you with that? Back Track a new mystery story featuring tracking dogs is the lead in the August Ellery Queen. They posted a sizeable excerpt on the EQ website: That was a cool discovery. And I have sort of an excuse for being conspicuously absent here. I got blindsided by this urban fantasy that ran a stopsign. Yes, I have the next SF novel plotted, but then I got this idea for how magic works in the world around us. And it was so much fun that I made the mistake of starting page one....and seven chapters later, here I am. It's set in Seattle. I've always wanted to talk to the Fremont Troll. And it's beginning to make me look at things like trains, airplanes, cars, and street cars and...well...wonder. I think that's a good thing. I hope so anyway.

But I do have more SF coming out in Asimov's and in at least one anthology, and as soon as I get done with this urban fantasy (which won't take long at this rate), I'll get on with the next SF novel. Really.

Stay cool. Or try to do so without drowning anyway. At least I got the sheep sheared before the real hot weather hit. They have requested that I put in a swimming pool but I have declined. They retaliated by nibbling through the light hookup wires on the trailer, when it was parked in the pasture. I told them that they were having an identity crisis. Goats do that, not sheep. Their response to that is not repeatable. Even if you speak Sheep.

And oh yes...if you send me a SASE, I'll send you a bookmark for Horizons, out in November. Send it to PO Box 2154, Gresham, OR 97030.