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Writing is such an internal process. Why not make those private ruminations public? This is how stories take shape and grow.

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I've been supporting myself as a writer for many years and am watching the changes in the publishing world with fascination. For me, sharing the craft, teaching, is as creatively satisfying as the writing process itself.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Coming Up For Air

Well, as you have probably guessed from my recent silence, I have not been doing any avoidance behavior and NPR hasn't had any news items about global warming that have made me go ballistic recently. (They're doing their pledge drive and they're too busy to annoy me). Mostly I'm here -- blinking vaguely and wondering what month we're in right now -- because someone has had trouble posting here. I'm just making sure I can still post. But while I'm up for air; Hi, all! I'm currently in the final three chapters of the new novel, rising to the climax scene and utterly obsessed. Be glad you don't live with me. Even my dogs are pouting. But I'm really pleased with this book and these final chapters have me by the throat. Uh oh....I'm slipping....sliding back into the story..... bye....all.....later....


Blogger GSKearney said...

Hi Mary,

Just checking to see if I can post now. --gk

8:06 AM  
Blogger Jean said...

Poor puppies:-) Write on Mary!!!


8:06 PM  

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