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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Story on Tap!

I am so thrilled. Months and months ago, the editor of Aberrant Dreams contacted me about participating in their 'Writers Challenge'. They posted several illustrations on the website and a list of participating pro authors. The entrants were to write a synopsis of a story to suit one of the illustrations-- just the outline -- and could even request a character name. They were also to pick the pro that they wanted to write the actual story. A winning synopsis was chosen for each illustration and the named pro will write the story. Apparently I am one of the pros named. I am really looking forward to this! It's something fun and new, and Ernie Saylor, the editor of Aberrant Dreams tells me that I will be surprised at the synopsis my winning entrant came up with. Do I hear a chuckle in his 'voice'? This will be fun!

Do check out the ezine -- I put the link in above. They've updated the website and the page is a LOT of fun. :-)


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