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Monday, April 02, 2007

Norwescon Schedule

Well, I'll be at Norwescon at Seatac, WA, this weekend. The programming people have put me on some great panels...I don't know if I'll have time to eat, but I'll have fun.
  • Thursday 5 PM: Contagious Planets : (Is DNA all over the place and just what does that mean anyway?)
  • Thurs. 6 PM: Future of Genetic Engineering: (What is possible? What is not? And what are we going to look like anyway?)
  • Thurs. 7 - 9 PM: Flash Fiction Workshop
  • Friday 10 AM: Astrobiology: (What is it really? )
  • Fri: 4 PM: Space Hotel Design: Engineering and Aesthetics. (Oh boy, my speciality!)
  • Fri: 5 PM: Sanitizing Space Travel: (or...you don't really want to know what you're drinking, do you?)
  • Saturday: 11 AM: Autograph Session
  • Sat: 2 PM: Crossing Gender Lines (Do you really have to hang out in the men's room or dress in drag to do it?)
  • Sat: 4:30 PM: Reading: (I'm going to read from 'Interface' the next SF in progress. Want to visit Europa? Dress warmly. And I'll bring chocolate so be there!)
  • Sat: 6 PM: Can't Someone Just Teach Me All This Writing Stuff? (This one usually brings out some strong opinions. I'm ready to weigh in!)
  • Sat: 9 PM: Creating Emotion Driven SF/F: (I would hope so!)
  • Sunday: 10 AM: Tradeoffs Between Freedom, Security, and Privacy: ('Search Engine' is already coming true. Now you, too, can wear an RFID chip! And will soon...)
  • Sun: 2 PM: Living Upside: Orbital Platforms: (ohboy, another specialty! And no, it's not just another biosphere!)
  • Sunday 3 PM....Mary collapses with exhaustion, but it will be a GOOD exhaustion! Hopefully I'll see you there.


Blogger incandragon said...

Well, it's official. I've moved to the Seattle area, so I'll be going to (at least one day of) Norwescon. Norwescon has some really intriguing sounding panels!

Melissa Tyler (Ed and Carrie's friend)

5:25 PM  

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